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Day 12 – A half way point treat day

I had 5 treats today

  1. I got to sleep in!  Since I had to go to the Chiropractors this afternoon but had to leave before my daughter went down for a nap, my husband got up with her and took her to the park.  So I even got to get ready in an empty house!  That’s like treat 1.5
  2. Shopping alone.  After getting cracked back into place, I headed over to Whole Foods to get some shopping done. When I have to go with the wee one she is constantly trying to grab the things I’ve put into the cart.  And constantly saying “please, please, please” to all the fruit she sees.  So yes, shopping alone is a treat.  I also love Whole Foods because they have Kombucha on tap. MmmmmUploaded from the Photobucket Android App
  3. Chipotle!!  I took my Kombucha and headed over to Chipotle. I could seriously eat there every day of my life if I could afford it. I usually get a salad, no dressing, rice, chicken, mild salsa, cheese, sour cream, guac and top it all with some more lettuce. I wouldn’t normally eat dairy, but I always make the exception for Chipotle and have never gotten sick.  I always say it’s nothing other than a blessing by God, Chipotle without sour cream would be criminal.
  4. Movie time! Since I had gotten everything done so early and I still had loads of time I went to go see a movie!  I had originally wanted to see Les Mis, but the time tables didn’t work out in my favor so instead I went to go see Silver Linings.  It was just alright.  I mean it was interesting and definitely entertaining, but I would have rather spent $1 at Redbox renting it that $9.50 to see in in the theater.
  5. Playdate. For some people this may not have been a treat but for me it is.  I got to watch my friends little girl tonight.  She is the same age as my daughter so they always have so much fun together.  It’s a treat for me because it means I don’t actually have to do that much work.  You would think having 2 instead of 1 means MORE work, but when they just entertain themselves it means I have time to get stuff done without a toddler hanging off my leg begging for my attention.  I also just love watching her interact with her friends. It’s just so cute watching her grow up like that. As a result of the playdate I just had a quick dinner while hubby gave the girls a bath.  Some homemade chicken soup with a chicken mayonnaise salad.  (My homemade mayo rocks!)

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Day 5 & 6

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppOn Day 5 (Saturday) it was my hubby’s birthday!  I managed to actually think up a few presents to get him this year, usually it’s hard enough to think of things to get him for Christmas let alone turn around a week later and get something more!  I had also decided to take him out on a proper date so I got us a groupon deal (cheeap! woo!) to some greek restaurant and then got us tickets to go see the Hobbit!

The restaurant was fantastic!  We started off some some grape leaves stuffed with lamb meat, moved on to a deliciously simple greek salad, we also managed to splurge on some crazy awesome humus (we scooped it up with cucumbers, yum!) You can imagine by the time our main course came we were nearly done.  So we ate a little and packed up the rest to have as a midnight snack when we got home.  Hubby got some sort of eggplant meal, and I got this wonderful pepper stuffed with sirloin and lamb meat, vegetables and some rice.  Yes the rice was a bit more than I would normally eat, but it was also a special occasion so I wasn’t bothered.

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On day 6 (Sunday) I had so much grocery shopping to get done but woke up with seriously no energy at all.  I suppose staying up until 1am and eating a bit more than normal will still take a toll on you.  But of course I thought to myself

well I’m going to feel this anyways I should have just had cake and alcohol. *sigh*  I know it does no good to think that way so I had to remind myself why I’m doing this.  Not just to feel better, or to lose weight, but to realize I need to rely on God an not on food.

I got some lunch while at Whole Foods.  Their food bar is seriously one of my favorite places to eat because they have the ingredients list on EVERYTHING!  Which means no second guessing, and no looking the other way and pretending I don’t taste all that sugar in whatever I’m eating.

They didn’t have too much I wanted or could have that day so I just went with a salad filled to the max.  Lettuce, eggs, radish, carrots, turkey, green onions, feta cheese and then topped it all off with a balsamic vinegar/olive oil mix.  That together with my kombucha on tap (seriously why can’t everywhere in the world have kombucha on tap) made for a great lunch.

For dinner that night I just roasted a chicken with some veg and had that to round off the weekend.  I intend to use the chicken and broth to make some soup and a chicken salad for the week to come.

Is it ok to fast during stomach pain related illnesses?

fastingToday I went to my Chiropractor to finally do something about this non stoppable IBS I’m dealing with.  He really is such an amazing doctor.  He’s so much more than a chiropractor, he adjusted me for my stomach pain and then gave me some great supplements to take in order to heal faster.  He also gave me ideas on what to eat and what not to eat.

I had been wondering for a long time, is it ok to just fast when I’m having IBS flare up?  I looked everywhere online and really couldn’t find an answer at all.  So I asked my Doc and he explained that fasting is a great way to allow the body to heal itself.  You most likely don’t feel hungry for a reason, and you should be listening to that.

He did say that electrolyte water and bone broth are two very important things to try and sip when you can.  So if all I eat for the next few days is water, tea and broth I’ll be ok.  And that was good to hear.  It’s only after the sharp pains have gone away or started to at least that I can think about things like really mushy veg or some rice.  Maybe even half of a banana.

I’m already feeling crazy better than just this morning, so I pray God continues to give me the wisdom to know how to heal myself.

It’s my pity party, and I’ll cry if I want to.

Ugh this weekend sucks.  There’s no other way to put it, it just does.  First it started with my daughter potentially having hand foot and mouth disease which means we may not be able to even fly out to see my family.  Then when I was at church on Saturday night I got a text from my mom telling me my grandma was in the hospital and on life support.  That’s a big doozy to get while you’re trying to listen to a sermon.  And then on Saturday night while I was cleaning up the kitchen and hubby was giving our baby girl a bath I pulled my back!  Give me a break!

So yes now I’m hulled up in bed, my daughter has a fever, and my grandma is about to die.  Not much to be thankful for at the moment.  So I will just have my bitter, pity party and get on with it.

It feels good to be productive.

I’ve had a great and productive day so far.  Not only did I get to sleep in. (I call that productive!) Once I got up I have been practically non stop in the kitchen. Firstly I needed to make something for dinner, and since I had left over home-made mayo and some chicken pieces from a roasted chicken earlier in the week I thought I’d make some chicken salad.  But then I remembered that I needed to make kombucha so I started boiling some water, whilst making the chicken salad in my food processor. Then I remembered that I had some beef bones defrosting in the fridge that I needed to make broth with so I grabbed those out.  I had no idea what to do though so then I had to go and google it!  So yes this is my first time ever making beef bone broth, I’m a little nervous.

So I popped the bones in the oven (apparently this needs to be done FIRST) went back to chopping celery for my chicken salad and remembered I didn’t do my daughter’s kefir the night before like I usually do so I had to do that! I had thought about using all my extra kefir grains to make water kefir, so I googled that a bit.  Then realized it was just too much for today so I threw them back in some milk and back in the fridge. (the extra ones, the normal ones went back to making kefir, so easy!)

So back to the chicken salad! I finally finished it, but realized I had made it very runny since I was trying to use up the mayo. And also that I had enough to split it between two meals.  So I popped some eggs in some boiling water and finally went to go eat my lunch.  I figured I’ll bulk out the other half of the chicken salad with some eggs, yum yum!

So then since I was already super kitcheny, I decided to make my husbands egg muffins for the work week today before I forget like I did last week (and the week before, oops)  So that resulted in needing to boil some sweet potatoes (in the same water as the eggs, super efficient!) and placing the salami in the muffin pan to form a cup then mixing it all together.  It’s baking in the oven as I type. 🙂

After that I finally bottled up the already brewed kombucha.  I got a couple new bottles for brewing so I’m excited to see how it turns out.  Then I threw in the tea with the scoby, placed it back on the fridge and looked around at how much mess I had just made.  My poor hubby had just cleaned the whole kitchen that morning.  I was going to clean it up, but really, a girls gotta stop somewhere.