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Day 15 – Down 2lbs for week 2!

Oh wow yesterday was just horrible, I had no energy, I didn’t want to do anything.  And you know what I didn’t, and I felt like crap because of it. My back was horribly sore and I craved something sweet allllll day long.  It’s interesting how that works out.  The awesome thing is I relied on God and didn’t give into the temptations of pigging out on whatever I had in the house that was sweet.  So yes I’m making progress even if I did watch 3 hours of TV and play 2 hours of Wii. And not the good kind of wii, the sit on your butt and use a remote control kind.

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Lunch today was left over Shepard’s Pie, Kombucha and some supplements. 

The Good: I did my workout today while watching TV!  Funnily enough it was while watch Biggest Loser.  Which usually I like to eat cookies and watch.  Odd I know.

The Great: And certainly the better news is that when I weighed myself this morning I was 227!! That’s down 2 lbs from last week.  What I love about this detox is that it’s not about losing weight, and the old me would have actually be frustrated, YES frustrated at losing only 2lbs even thought I’ve done so much work. But now I’m like 2lbs?! Rock on!  I didn’t even expect to lose anything this week.

The Ugly: My sleep was so messed up after a day of blahness yesterday that after I dropped my daughter off at her friends house this morning instead of getting stuff done around the house I just went back to bed.


How much TV is too much?

We have Netflix and no cable, which sounds like a great idea.  Less TV to watch!  That is until you get sucked into a show that you’re 4 seasons behind on.  It’s like reading a really good book before going to bed or trying to get anything productive done, you can’t help but turn the page. It’s the same, for me at least, when I’m watching a whole series because I have every episode available to me right then and there.  I think it’s actually better to not be able to get the next episode for another week.  I sometimes with I could read a book that way.  Just have someone send me a chapter a night so I HAVE to go to bed and I’m not up until 2am finishing a book I started just 2 days ago.

Wait what was my point?  Oh yea, so how much is too much?  I think the purists would say any TV is too much! But meh, I’m still human and I still enjoy being entertained, so we’re keeping the TV for now.  But getting nothing done around the house during nap time (2 hours of tv) and then staying up past when you husband goes to bed to watch more of the same show (2-3 hours) is just insane. But that was the cycle I was getting into over the last few weeks.

So my goal for this week and then hopefully the ones to follow is to watch only 1 show a day.  Most likely during nap time and when I’m eating my lunch.  I don’t have a problem eating in front of the TV.  I find I enjoy my food just fine, if not better because I’m relaxed, I’m sitting down and I’m just enjoying myself. At night I may play a bit of Mario on the Wii. Yes it’s sill on the TV but it’s not mind numbing, I actually have to use my brain.  I also know it’s not what I want to be doing every night (sewing, scrap booking and  bible study are just a small list of my perfect life scenarios) but I’m not perfect and it might take me a while to get to partially perfect.  So until then I’ll work on ways to break my habits.   And in that case I’ve always found slow and steady wins the race.

How about you?  Do you find it difficult to pull yourself away from the TV and get stuff done?