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Kindle Fire, sleep, hands, feet and a mouth

Ugh what a day!

Well last night I stayed up until 2am researching which 7in tablet I wanted for Christmas.  Not so sure that was a great idea.  But I just got sucked in and the next thing I know I’m hitting the buy it now button on Ebay! I decided to go with the Kindle Fire HD.  Some people would scoff and say “But the nexus 7 is so much better!  You’ll be sucked into Amazon’s web with the Fire!”  Well I’m already quite sucked into Amazon what with Prime, renting movies from them on our roku, and generally buying all my health food stuff I can’t find at the store.  So I am happy to get a little more sucked into their awesome Amazonian web.

I feel God really used that for good, though I wouldn’t have said that earlier today.  Usually on Wednesday mornings I go to Bible Study Fellowship. But this particular Wednesday my daughter slept in, and I was happy to let her, so we skipped it.  In my mind I was racked with guilt and disgust for missing it.  All those feelings of not being consistant and lazy.  BUT, as it turns out, my daughter has hand foot and mouth disease!

So really, it was a GREAT thing I didn’t take her into her kiddie class today and infect all those poor children.  It was after her 3 hour nap, and the fact that she had rosy red cheeks and was super hot, when we finally checked her temperature.  It was 100.7. Not super high, but definitely a fever.  Poor girl. 😦

Though we don’t normally do anything for a fever, I’m a big believer of getting a good nights sleep so we did give her something at bed time.  Though all day tomorrow I’ll just be giving her cuddles and all the extra healthy things I usually do.  Though I’m still new at the no medicine for a sickness thing so I’m still learning.  If I have time over the next week I’ll post about what it is that I personally do to fight a sickness, though a simple google search will produce much better information that I could every give.