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Day 7 – 1 week down!

So I spent a good chunk this morning making mayonnaise, chicken salad with that mayonnaise, straining my chicken stock from last night, making chicken soup with that stock.  All this was to prepare for the week ahead!  Heading into week 2 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox and I’m actually looking forward to it!

The Good: Did my exercises today while out at the park with my daughter.  It felt funny doing burpees and squats infront of other moms but I knew it was now or never!

The Bad: It’s 1am and I’m still not in bed.  oops?

The Ugly: I’m not sure what happened but after eating the soup I prepared my stomach immediately got rid of it and then I felt ill the rest of the night.  I really hope it wasn’t the soup that did this because then that would be a waste of some perfectly good stock and a lot of food that went into it.  Other than adding some eggs into the soup I can’t imagine why it would do that.  My only other thought is the soup itself cleansed me?  Maybe from the weekend and my greek food splurge?  Who knows, I guess we’ll see tomorrow.


Day 2 – Modified Level 1

I seem to have NO energy today.  Seriously I haven’t left the house all day.  Thankfully my daughter seems to be entertaining herself today. But that could also be because I let her watch an extra Elmo episode this morning.  Oops? hahaha. I wasn’t hungry again when I woke up so all I had was some water and then I had my lunch after my daughter went down around 1:30.  For lunch I had some left over Thai food from the weekend.  It was part brocoli chicken, part pineapple curry (I picked out the pineapple).  On the side are my daily supplements and a glass of homemade kombucha

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I am personally doing the modified version of the 21 DSD that is a mix between the athletes and the pregnant ladies. I am allowed 1/2 cup rice OR 1/2 cup sweet potato OR 1 cup butternut squash once per day if I feel I need it. I have read people who have hard core sugar addictions, and those that have trouble finishing detoxes such as this one, have done amazingly well adding some extra carbs into their detox.

Since this is my first 21 DSD and I have failed 4 previous whole 30’s.  I was a bit nervous to even start.  But after much praying God helped me to see that following the above modifications don’t make me a failure.  If I could I would eat the Milk and Legumes as a part of level one to help curb some of the sugar detox pain. But as I’ve learned after a year eating Paleo, milk makes my IBD flare up like crazy, and rice is more benign than legumes so I’m actually safer eating it.  (I also know for my body personally it doesn’t make my bloated like it does or may do for others).

So this is like my own personal Level 1.  I hope for the next detox down the road that I can move onto “Level 2- no rice” and then your average 21 DSD Level 3.

The Good: I did my work out today!  This one took me nearly 45 min, but I hardly felt it was that long at all. I also cooked up an amazing tasting pumpkin/chocolate chili that I was experimenting with.  I’ll post the recipe soon!

The Bad: I may have had more like 12 oz of Kombucha today, so I’ll need to keep an eye on that.

The Ugly: I didn’t see the sun other than threw a window the whole day.  Very, very bad.  I need to make sure I’m getting some natural vitamin D

Day 1 – 21 Day Sugar Detox

I woke up this morning at around 7am with an IBD attack again.  Thankfully taking my IBD meds and a Vicodin worked this time (it DID NOT work the other day)  And I was able to get some more sleep.  All this is really showing me that I need to get back on track pronto.

On a positive note being sick has made day 1 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox very easy.  Since I didn’t even wake up until 11:30 (God bless my amazing sleeping child) I didn’t even eat until closer to 1pm and when I did it wasn’t much since my stomach is still queasy.  Simply a mug of broth with some kelp salt and a strip of bacon.

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The Good: I managed to do the work out planned out in the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Took me hardly any time at all yet I it felt good to get off the couch and do something.

The Bad: Went to a friends house for dinner tonight, and since I need to be honest I will confess that I had a few potato chips (baked in olive oil, at least); some roasted white potatoes and a glass of red wine (which I didn’t finish, at least. The rest of the meal was Pork, carrots and brocoli)  I am happy to say I did not eat the flavored yogurt, fruit or chocolate she had set out. And though it’s no excuse, I did not have my allotted banana or apple today to kind of “make up” for it.  Tomorrow is another day and another chance to get it right.

The Ugly: Starting weight, 235lbs

Christmas left overs


Started my period today.  While shopping around at Whole Foods non the less, always fun.  Ugh sometimes I get so annoyed with being a woman and having to deal with this every month.  Of course for me sometimes it’s every other month so I suppose I should be rather excited that my body seems to be putting itself on course.

Of course this does explain the face first binge into some Ferrero Rocher (left over from Christmas gifts naturally).  Seriously worst thing to have.  Afterwards I read the ingredients list and there was soy, milk but even worst of all wheat. Thankfully I didn’t have any IBD attacks.  And I am glad to say that after 4 I realized I was being stupid and just threw the rest out.  So, phew, crisis averted.

Let’s just say I am looking forward to (or actually maybe I’m not) the 21 day sugar detox.

God’s power vs willpower

I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am spiraling out of control.


Burgers and fries on Thursday, egg rolls and teriyaki wings on Friday, candy canes, sugar cover almonds, slices of cheese, sugar laden lemonades, nuts covered in rancid oils. Ugh.  It’s like I’ve lost the plot. And I can tell it’s effected me so much more than just my IBS.  I am moody, and anxious.  I want to cry at any given moment, I’m back to fighting with my husband constantly.  I’m yelling at my daughter.  I just have no patience.  And yet I continue to eat.

I know what I need to do, I need to turn to Christ. I need his grace and his love to get me back on track.  I need to remember everything IS permissible.  It just may not be beneficial. My chiropractor, God bless him, I think has been partly the cause of some of this.  His words to me of stopping all sugars, even fruit.  Of just being better and not eating out AT ALL has caused me to resort to my old ways of rebellion.

Before that I had gotten into a good rhythm with God.  I knew I could have taco bell and chocolate cake whenever I wanted. That wasn’t the problem.  The problem was I wanted it more than I wanted my relationship with God and so I knew who I needed to turn to.  My chiro has be thinking I need to turn inward and into myself again and just have the willpower to stop.  Well I will tell you this, there is no such things as will power. Only God’s power and I need to be in search of that again.

Is it ok to fast during stomach pain related illnesses?

fastingToday I went to my Chiropractor to finally do something about this non stoppable IBS I’m dealing with.  He really is such an amazing doctor.  He’s so much more than a chiropractor, he adjusted me for my stomach pain and then gave me some great supplements to take in order to heal faster.  He also gave me ideas on what to eat and what not to eat.

I had been wondering for a long time, is it ok to just fast when I’m having IBS flare up?  I looked everywhere online and really couldn’t find an answer at all.  So I asked my Doc and he explained that fasting is a great way to allow the body to heal itself.  You most likely don’t feel hungry for a reason, and you should be listening to that.

He did say that electrolyte water and bone broth are two very important things to try and sip when you can.  So if all I eat for the next few days is water, tea and broth I’ll be ok.  And that was good to hear.  It’s only after the sharp pains have gone away or started to at least that I can think about things like really mushy veg or some rice.  Maybe even half of a banana.

I’m already feeling crazy better than just this morning, so I pray God continues to give me the wisdom to know how to heal myself.

Halloween postmortem

Ugh.  I did  a stupid, stupid thing last night.  I made the decision that last night I was allowed to eat as much candy as I wanted and then the rest would be taken out the house by my husband to his work.  But I wanted to eat something before I sat down to play the WII with hubby and gorge out on candy, so that I wouldn’t get SICK on the candy.  But since we had nothing cooked up I went with a bowl of Rice Chex cereal with raw milk and bananas.  I thought this was a fun treat as I hadn’t had cereal in ages!  We keep a box of Rice Chex in the house for my daughter who needs a different snack option when she’s in her preschool like setting. And we had the raw milk in the house because I make my daughter kefir every morning.

All that said, ever since I’ve been cutting dairy out of my system back in February I have noticed that when I consume it my IBS tends to flair up.  In fact I never even had IBS problems until February of this year when my whole system went out of whack because I was half in half out of this eating plan.  I of course see now that dairy was causing a heap of other non IBS problems like acne, migraines, inflammation and by taking that out I was able to heal my gut and so now when I eat it I just get bigger attacks. But I digress…

Getting back on topic, So I had this cereal and then had some candy.  Let’s see about 2 mini butterfingers (my fav!) I tried a mini crunch bar but didn’t like it so didn’t finish it, I had my first Reces cup in forever! mmmmm And a couple pieces of hard fruity type candies.  So really not that much for the old 275 lbs of me that could eat a whole bag of the fun sized candies in one sitting. And I’m happy with that, which I think is ok to be happy about.

But then 5am rolls around and I’m in pain.  A pain I haven’t experienced in about  month, a pain that back in February I was experiencing daily and was horrific.  My IBS came back to play. But here’s the thing, did it happen because of the dairy?  I mean I’ve been known to get cheese and sour cream on my salad at Chipotle, with no problems, and I do splurge on the occasional raw cheese we have in the house for the rest of the family, with no problems. I’ve even HAD a bowl of that cheeky Rice Chex cereal completely with raw milk and banana before, with no problems. So I thought it was a safe bet.

Though perhaps a few things were at play here. Firstly I ate the cereal at night.  I’ve also learned through my IBS that eating something late at night can trigger a reaction in the morning.  So perhaps eating the cereal at 8pm without anything else was problematic.  Top all that with eating lots of sugary, seed/vegetable oil type candies and I’m just looking for trouble.

The most amazing thing out of all of this was God’s grace.  Once the pain started I popped my ritual IBS pills, but those don’t usually work.  So I prayed and prayed.  I prayed that God would show me grace and have the medicine work.  I repented for my sins of over eating and not treating my body as the temple it is.  And instead of hours upon hours of cramping and diarrhea  I was able to get back to sleep at 6am and he even had my daughter sleep in until 10am so I was able to catch up on sleep!  God is just so amazing to me when I least deserve it.