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No more hand foot and mouth disease!

So it turns out my daughter DOESN’T have hand foot and mouth disease!  Or well she could have but all the supplements I started shoving down her and the awesome diet that we eat meant she didn’t get it hard core.  All I know is I’m so relieved and grateful to God because we were having the hardest time deciding what to do.  I mean how were we going to take a poor little sick almost 2 year old on a 6 hour plane ride into a house full of people she could potentially infect!  Well let’s just say it wasn’t going to happen.

When I went to go see the Chiropractor on Monday about my back I had to take my daughter in with me because no one could watch her with her fever.  But I’m so grateful I did because my Chiro gave me a few things to give to her to break the fever naturally.  And then gave me a cough syrup I had tried to make earlier but didn’t turn out so well.  I’m very obliged to just buying it, lol. He also then gave me some immune boosting pills to take while I’m away so as to keep the sickness at bay.

I’ll be continuing my prayers that her fever stays away but looks like we’re on our way to Wisconsin! WOO!


It’s my pity party, and I’ll cry if I want to.

Ugh this weekend sucks.  There’s no other way to put it, it just does.  First it started with my daughter potentially having hand foot and mouth disease which means we may not be able to even fly out to see my family.  Then when I was at church on Saturday night I got a text from my mom telling me my grandma was in the hospital and on life support.  That’s a big doozy to get while you’re trying to listen to a sermon.  And then on Saturday night while I was cleaning up the kitchen and hubby was giving our baby girl a bath I pulled my back!  Give me a break!

So yes now I’m hulled up in bed, my daughter has a fever, and my grandma is about to die.  Not much to be thankful for at the moment.  So I will just have my bitter, pity party and get on with it.