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Our first paleo thanksgiving dinner

I just had the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner.  I can’t believe I actually managed to keep myself entirely Paleo the whole time. Nope, not even once did stuffing or biscuits touch these lips!  God is just so good!  I’m so excited that he gave me so much strength and willpower on a day I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle it.  We even managed to convince my dad, who has prepared the turkey the same way for over 20 years, NOT to stuff it with regular stove top stuffing this year and just to stuff it with veg so that there would be no cross contamination.  Let me tell you, it’s only by the grace of God that man could change his mind, lol.

I did winThanksgivingd up doing a lot of cooking.  I suppose I had to if I wanted to eat the way I wanted to.  But it was nice because other than my husband and daughter who naturally eat the same way.  My mother and sister both are trying to eat better so it felt good to be cooking for them as well.

And though I didn’t particularly like everything I cooked, it all seemed to get a good reception.  The bacon and sweet potato biscuits seemed to be a huge hit with the kids, and the garlic mashed cauliflower was a success.  My mom really enjoyed those.  I did end up having some regular mashed potatoes as well but we convinced my brother to make some without the milk and butter only so that we could enjoy them.  (My sister with her MS need to stay away from milk as well)

We made so much food though it lasted nearly 5 days later.  The thing is, in the past all that food would have just gotten eaten up by at least the next morning.  We’re a big family, and I don’t mean in numbers.  So what was amazing was seeing the way God was shaping and changing all of us.  (Well really only some of us, my brother is dangerously huge now)  We just didn’t need to eat the amount of food we had in the past. I can’t wait to see what next year brings, and just how much healthier we each can be.  I know for me personally it’s a goal to be 100lbs lighter and hopefully pregnant by this time next year.  But it’s all in God’s timing and I’m happy to go along for the ride.