What is a Diet Bet???

So I’m thinking about joining one of those Diet Bets. Ever heard of them? I hadn’t until today but it seems like something that would be very helpful in keeping up my motivation.  So the way it works is you and everyone else playing, pay in a certain amount of money in to the “pot”.  Then at the end of the 28 days those who made their goal of losing 4% of their weight get to split everything in the pot (minus a 15% fee they charge)  So if for example 10 people each put in $10 but at the end of the challenge only 3 people managed to take the weight off then those three would each get $28.  So they basically just made $18 while losing weight! Win win!

To me, I just wish I had known about it sooner! Before I lost 50lbs.  I could have made a little bit of cash on the side just for doing something I wanted to anyways!  The only bad thing about it all is if you don’t make the 4% well then obviously you don’t get your money back but that also means that the money I would be taking for having made it is those of people who failed.  If I think too hard on it, it does make me a bit sad.  But at the same time they knew what they were getting into and hopefully they can get back on track next time.  I mean heck, maybe that will be me! Who knows?!

  photo 6ece73c3-c4d9-411f-93d8-5bbc0114ed21_zps81ebfd00.jpg

So in prep for the challenge, tonight I splurged on a special treat 🙂 A strawberry kefir, banana split with chocolate chips.  Yum!

For those interested I will be doing the PriorFatGirl’s DietBet.  It’s only $20 to join that challenge and at the moment it’s up to 139 players.  That makes the pot $2780!  It starts this Friday (March 1st) so this is going to be a great way to start the month!  Let me know if you’re going sign up so we can help each other out!


I lost the plot

You know you’ve lost the plot when you’re watching Biggest Loser while stuffing your face full of tacos and nachos from taco bell and drinking your daughter’s juice boxes. All while supposedly on some sort of sugar detox.

But that’s what I have this blog so I can keep track of all the times I fall completely off the wagon. I know I need to just get myself back up again but sometimes it can just be so hard. 😦

Valentines Day Date

Romantic-Dinner-on-Valentines-DaySo today I went out on a date tonight with hubby.  It was something we both really needed so I was so glad to be doing it.  A local church was having a drop off where for only $2! we could drop off our kids from 5:30-8:30.  3 hours for only $2!  We ended up just giving them a $5 bill and told them to keep it.  Probably should have given them more though they’re so amazing.

Hubby and I went to Dave and Busters for dinner and then spent about an hour playing on all the arcade games there.  Ever been to D&B’s?  It’s like chuck e cheese for grown ups.  Seriously so much fun.

For dinner I had a surprisingly healthy entree.  Salmon, spinach and rice.  Can’t get much better than that?  Sometimes it pains me to eat out though because I know the Salmon has been farmed, the spinach is loaded with pesticide and everything has been cooked in some sort of vegetable oil.  But I realize it’s a special occasion and to do the best I can.  I definitely had something that is a BIG 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Sangria! hahaha.  What can I say?  It was our valentines day date. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Sugar Detox round 2!

Yesterday was crazy.  I spent most of the day trying to perfect my daughters cupcakes for her birthday but forgot to eat anything during the process!  Since her birthday will fall right in the middle of the next 21 Day Sugar Detox I knew I had to get all the test baking in on Sunday.  But I think I had one too many taste tests because I turned into a complete disaster.

I had no patience with anything or anyone.  My daughters cries were going right through me and I said to my husband all I wanted to do was punch her. I mean really?!  But yes I did! That’s how insane I was.  I then stormed out of the house because I was fighting with my husband and honestly nervous over what I would throw at him.

Here’s the good part though, in the past when these kind of things would happen the first place I would go is through the taco bell drive through.  I’m not joking when I say I would get the 10 taco meal deal, but just for me.  It was like I would want to punish myself for being so crazy and make myself so full until I was sick.


Well I did go through the drive thru again, but I didn’t stop I just kept driving.  I was even adamantly trying to shut God out and NOT listen to him because I just wanted the sweet relief of a crunchy taco in my mouth.  God is so amazing though and knew the true desires of my heart and seriously I felt him push my foot down and steer the wheel the opposite direction.  It was an amazing feeling overcoming something that had been such a huge part of my life for the past year.

To try and break the habit I went over to Starbucks and got a peppermint tea.  I sipped on that and read my book while I tried to relax before going home.

Then that night I felt like I had the flu!  I could barely move I was in so much pain, I was just so achey. I took my temperature I thought I had for sure caught something. But nope I was fine, and it was then I realized I was having the opposite effect of carb flu.  I had in fact had TOO MUCH sugar and was getting sick because of it!  Crazy to think I of all people could have too much sugar.  Even it was all in the form of dark chocolate, maple syrup and honey.

I woke up this morning with a crazy headache and just resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to get over this sugar hangover for the rest of the day.  Thankfully I started to feel better later on.  And the one good thing about all this was when I went out to dinner tonight with some of my girl friends I didn’t even think twice about dipping into their fondue deserts.  There was no way I wanted to feel that way again.

21 DSD – 8lbs lost in 3 weeks.

breakfast day 21 photo breakfastday21_zpsd33c45c4.jpg

So today is the first day post detox.  I seem to be crazy hungry today and I’m not quite sure why.  Where as usually a cup of broth or tea is just fine for breakfast today I was ravished!  So I made some breakfast for a change!! I had 2 eggs scrambled, a couple sausages and then I had the most delicious tasting mandarine ever! hahaha.  I found these gems at the farmers market on Sunday and bought a few looking forward to being able to eat them starting today.

I weighed in this morning still at 227. That puts me at a total of 8lbs for the 3 weeks.  A part of me was really upset by that though.  I mean COME ON!  No sugar and awesome eating for a whole week and no loss?! But then I realize when I have thoughts like that, that I’m not healed from my past disorders. This detox wasn’t about losing weight it was about getting myself right with God.  About knowing that I didn’t need sugar for fulfillment I need Him.  I thought I had gotten there but apparently I still have a lot of  growing to do.

So I put up my scale and I’m going to allow myself some fruit until Feb 4th.  That’s when another round of the 21 DSD starts up and this time I’m going to try and move up a level.  I still have a desire to be a goal weight by my birthday (June).  And maybe that’s not ok, maybe I need to pray about that. I need to be happy with being a healthier me.

You know what the problem is though? I don’t feel healthier.  Just yesterday my back was killing me! I couldn’t sit or stand without getting comfortable, my bowel movements are horrible again and I’ve been getting stomach aches after eating.  For the last couple of dinner it’s barely been 30 min until I have RUN to the bathroom. And just this morning after breakfast I felt ill.  So I still have a lot of discovering to do.

I have been incorporating more exercises yesterday and today in the hopes of helping out with my back pain.  I had gotten a bit bored with the 21 DSD workouts so I decided to mix it up a bit.  My goal now is to try and run a mile a few times a week and see how my times are doing.  Today I “ran” a mile in 16:10.  I remember when I was in highschool I could run a mile in just under 13 min, and when I was 21 and first lost all my weight I could just about reach that if I killed myself.  So I always have 13 as my magic number.  After the running I still do a lot of the strength training that was in the 21 DSD workout guide, just put in my own order and routine.

Day 20 – Brokenness with boundaries.

So as a part of my 21 DSD I have also been apart of the Made to Crave 21 day challenge. Perfect right?! I have been getting daily e-mails that revolve around our desires with food and how those should be focused on God instead. I have read the book already and it has basically changed my life.  but receiving these e-mails while going through this detox has been perfect, even though all the stories are basically from the book.

For example, even though I read today’s story already in the book it spoke volumes more to me today. She talks about her dog and how he needed to be fenced in to keep himself away from the car tires he enjoys chasing and had just been recently run over by one. I love how she put it “My brokenness couldn’t handle freedom with food outside the boundaries of my plan. Not yet.”


Wow! Just wow!  I have been struggling with whether or not to actually come off of this “detox”. Thinking that it would be a good idea to introduce some more fruits in.  But another part of me is actually afraid.  I’m afraid of what will happen when I start getting that sweet tooth again.  Will I start to crave the cookies and the chocolate that got me into this mess in the first place?  Because if I’m honest other than a few cravings here or there this has been the easiest removal of sugar I have ever done.  In fact it’s been the only removal of sugar that’s ever been successful.  I’ve done 4 other whole 30’s and never made it past the second week.  But this?  This was easy.

Was it because of the way Diane laid everything out?  I think so yes.  The introduction of a green apple or green banana has been a saving grace, as has kombucha.  All of those things have allowed me to have something just slightly sweet when al

l the savory stuff was getting too much. But the key was not having TOO much fruit and thus those craving would continue like they had during whole 30’s.  So I’m back to my question.  Should I continue?

I think I answered my own question.  Yes I think I will. Because my brokenness, my addiction, my eating disorders can’t handle the freedom outside of the boundaries of the 21 DSD.  Not yet,  I need to recognize that these boundaries are a gift from God to keep me safe.

Day 18 – Is Kefir allowed on the 21 Day Sugar Detox?

I was talking with Charissa from the 21 DSD and she had mentioned me writing up a little blurb about kefir since I was interested to know if it was 21 DSD allowed.  Turns out it is! WOOT! So since I already did the work I thought I would post it here.



milk/water kefir photo waterkefir_zps3f48067f.jpg

There are two types of kefir you can have on your 21 day sugar detox.  (Technically pronouced ka-fear but most people say kee-fur). Milk and water kefir use kefir grains (only called that because of their looks) added to the liquid to create a fermented beverage.  The are both rich in probiotics and can make a good addition to your diet, whether or not you pronounce it right.

Milk Kefir

The first, allowed on levels 1 and 2, is milk kefir.  Milk kefir can be made with cows, goat or coconut* milk and is essentially a probiotic packed food just slightly thinner than yogurt, but loads better. You can easily make your own at home.  You will just need to find some kefir grains. First I would recommend asking your friends to see if they have any extra grains.  If not you can just search online for a good deal. Otherwise you can buy milk kefir already made at the store. Just be careful if you do as you will want to make sure it has no added fruits or sugars and that it is the full fat version.  Milk kefir can be added to those “Toadally” awesome smoothies by Primal Toad that you received along with your 21 dsd program, or anywhere else you would normally add some type of milk.

*Coconut milk kefir is allowed on all 3 levels.

Water Kefir

The second type, allowed on all levels, is water kefir. Though not as easily found in the store, you can make water kefir at home.  Again either find a source online or ask around and see if any friends have some extra grains they would love to pass on. As a result you will end up with a delicious, very fizzy drink, loaded with probiotics that is a perfect substitute for anyone trying to kick a soda habit during their 21 day sugar detox.  Just like kombucha though (both have a similar taste) don’t go crazy and keep it at 8oz a day.