What is a Diet Bet???

So I’m thinking about joining one of those Diet Bets. Ever heard of them? I hadn’t until today but it seems like something that would be very helpful in keeping up my motivation.  So the way it works is you and everyone else playing, pay in a certain amount of money in to the “pot”.  Then at the end of the 28 days those who made their goal of losing 4% of their weight get to split everything in the pot (minus a 15% fee they charge)  So if for example 10 people each put in $10 but at the end of the challenge only 3 people managed to take the weight off then those three would each get $28.  So they basically just made $18 while losing weight! Win win!

To me, I just wish I had known about it sooner! Before I lost 50lbs.  I could have made a little bit of cash on the side just for doing something I wanted to anyways!  The only bad thing about it all is if you don’t make the 4% well then obviously you don’t get your money back but that also means that the money I would be taking for having made it is those of people who failed.  If I think too hard on it, it does make me a bit sad.  But at the same time they knew what they were getting into and hopefully they can get back on track next time.  I mean heck, maybe that will be me! Who knows?!

  photo 6ece73c3-c4d9-411f-93d8-5bbc0114ed21_zps81ebfd00.jpg

So in prep for the challenge, tonight I splurged on a special treat 🙂 A strawberry kefir, banana split with chocolate chips.  Yum!

For those interested I will be doing the PriorFatGirl’s DietBet.  It’s only $20 to join that challenge and at the moment it’s up to 139 players.  That makes the pot $2780!  It starts this Friday (March 1st) so this is going to be a great way to start the month!  Let me know if you’re going sign up so we can help each other out!


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