Birthday party problems

So I went to a birthday party this morning for one of my daughter’s friends.  It was at an indoor climbing play space and it was actually kid of fun.  The problem came when it was time for lunch and my friend (the host) just bought a bunch of pizza, fries, chicken fingers and corn dogs for everyone to go along with their cupcakes.  Naturally.

I would have to say all in all it went ok.  I managed to think ahead and pack some leftover from dinner for myself, and some oatmeal and an apple for my daughter.  (We soak our oatmeal, incase anyone is screaming “But the phytic acid!”) Turns out we were both pretty satisfied with our choices.  A few of my friends made joke that my little girl desperately wanted a piece of pizza as she kept reaching for what they had.  I simply said anything you have in your hand she wants.  Even if it was brussel sprouts because that’s what she’s like, she just wants what every anyone else has.
I did go ahead and give her some of the fries though.  Of all the things that were there, they were the one thing she could reasonably have and it was nice to not be the freaks eating out of tupperware and have some of what my friends were offering. So yes truth time, I had some fries as well.  I managed to stay completely away from the cupcakes though.  I mean I knew I couldn’t have the gluten in them but even part of me was starting to justify just having the icing!!!  Oi Vey!  Thankfully God put my thoughts right.  As a result I maybe ate one too many fries.

Would I have liked to not have eaten any?  Yes of course!  And I feel like one day I will get there.  But I have to remember progress is progress, and less than a year ago, even while living “paleo”, I did indulge in a cupcake (ok two actually, and a few cookies).  So wow I have come a long way.

pumpkin muffins photo pumpkinmuffins_zps059afd96.jpg

And because of all of that tonight I am making pumpkin muffins and sneaking a few chocolate chips in.  When does the next 21 DSD start? hahaha


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