Day 18 – Is Kefir allowed on the 21 Day Sugar Detox?

I was talking with Charissa from the 21 DSD and she had mentioned me writing up a little blurb about kefir since I was interested to know if it was 21 DSD allowed.  Turns out it is! WOOT! So since I already did the work I thought I would post it here.



milk/water kefir photo waterkefir_zps3f48067f.jpg

There are two types of kefir you can have on your 21 day sugar detox.  (Technically pronouced ka-fear but most people say kee-fur). Milk and water kefir use kefir grains (only called that because of their looks) added to the liquid to create a fermented beverage.  The are both rich in probiotics and can make a good addition to your diet, whether or not you pronounce it right.

Milk Kefir

The first, allowed on levels 1 and 2, is milk kefir.  Milk kefir can be made with cows, goat or coconut* milk and is essentially a probiotic packed food just slightly thinner than yogurt, but loads better. You can easily make your own at home.  You will just need to find some kefir grains. First I would recommend asking your friends to see if they have any extra grains.  If not you can just search online for a good deal. Otherwise you can buy milk kefir already made at the store. Just be careful if you do as you will want to make sure it has no added fruits or sugars and that it is the full fat version.  Milk kefir can be added to those “Toadally” awesome smoothies by Primal Toad that you received along with your 21 dsd program, or anywhere else you would normally add some type of milk.

*Coconut milk kefir is allowed on all 3 levels.

Water Kefir

The second type, allowed on all levels, is water kefir. Though not as easily found in the store, you can make water kefir at home.  Again either find a source online or ask around and see if any friends have some extra grains they would love to pass on. As a result you will end up with a delicious, very fizzy drink, loaded with probiotics that is a perfect substitute for anyone trying to kick a soda habit during their 21 day sugar detox.  Just like kombucha though (both have a similar taste) don’t go crazy and keep it at 8oz a day.


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