Day 3 – Intermittent Fasting

Some how my body seems to naturally be doing some intermittent fasting. When most people hear the word fasting they think no eating for a full day, but when it come to IF it’s more about only eating food for a period of 4-8 hours in a day.  When I think about it, I’m not really hungry until about 1pm and we always have dinner around 6:30 so that means I’m keeping all my eating within a 6 hour time frame. Intermittent Fasting!  I’ve read some great things about IF and how it can be beneficial for weight loss, neurological issues, and inflammation.  So I’m happy to keep this going as long as my body finds it to be natural, but I don’t think I would keep this up if it became more stressful than beneficial.

Lunch was the rest of my Thai food from the holidays.  It was a beef, bean and basil dish with a small bit of rice.  I poured myself a little less kombucha this time so that way if I had some for dinner I wouldn’t over indulge.

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For dinner I made this chicken and apply stir fry.  I made rice for the rest of my family to have with it, but i just put it over some lettuce.  I used green apples so it would be 21 DSD approved, and since I used 2 apples and it was split between 3 people I knew I wasn’t eating more than 1 apple.

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The Good: Made a new recipe today!

The Bad: I had a few of my daughter dried apple chips and potato chips when she was having them for a snack.

The Ugly: Too tired to do my exercises today. I seriously can’t be bothered 😦



Ok so I wrote this post around 7pm last night and had intended to eat my dinner and just curl up.  But I was just so tired and not hungry at all that I went to bed!  I read for about an hour and then tossed and turned for an hour or so and finally around 10pm I was just so hungry I had to get up!  Talk about being out of whack.

I woke up and had the chicken and apple stir fry, only I did end up eating it with the left over rice.  And I drank it with about 8 oz of Kombucha so again I was over for the day. I ended up staying up until about 1am watching Alias (Just started getting into it on netflix) as I just wasn’t tired and couldn’t stand to toss and turn in bed any longer.

Finally I went upstairs and read a bit more of the book Made to Crave.  Usually I’ve been reading about a chapter a night, but last night I think I read like 3 chapters just to try and fall asleep.  I love that book so much though.  It’s been really helping me to rely on God through my struggles of this detox.


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