Is it ok to fast during stomach pain related illnesses?

fastingToday I went to my Chiropractor to finally do something about this non stoppable IBS I’m dealing with.  He really is such an amazing doctor.  He’s so much more than a chiropractor, he adjusted me for my stomach pain and then gave me some great supplements to take in order to heal faster.  He also gave me ideas on what to eat and what not to eat.

I had been wondering for a long time, is it ok to just fast when I’m having IBS flare up?  I looked everywhere online and really couldn’t find an answer at all.  So I asked my Doc and he explained that fasting is a great way to allow the body to heal itself.  You most likely don’t feel hungry for a reason, and you should be listening to that.

He did say that electrolyte water and bone broth are two very important things to try and sip when you can.  So if all I eat for the next few days is water, tea and broth I’ll be ok.  And that was good to hear.  It’s only after the sharp pains have gone away or started to at least that I can think about things like really mushy veg or some rice.  Maybe even half of a banana.

I’m already feeling crazy better than just this morning, so I pray God continues to give me the wisdom to know how to heal myself.


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