48 hours of pain.

So I’m sick, like really sick

On Wednesday I was helping out a friend of mine who just had her baby and watching her other two kids at her house.  I decided to pick up some Boston Market on the way over so my daughter and I could have something to eat as well.  Usually I would just pick up a whole chicken and some veg with maybe some red skinned potatoes as a treat.  But for some reason when I went into the store the amount of apple pies and brownies overwhelmed me.  I was also extremely hungry at the time so instead of getting the brownie I went for the cheesey, bacon mashed potatoes.  I know, really?  I should have just had the brownie.

To make it even worse I ate the mashed potatoes in the car on the way there, and I ate all of them. *sigh* I started feeling a bit sick while I was there.  And for some reason decided to eat a fun sized twix bar and down a glass of apple juice.  Because of course that would make me feel better right?  (Ok seriously writing this all down after the fact makes me so angry how stupid I was)

This also doesn’t count the Ghirardelli pepermint bark, dark chocolate squares I’ve been eating daily since we got home or the previously mentioned chocolate mousse excape.  (Ok seriously what is wrong with me?!)

ibsSo now I sit here going on about 48 hours of straight up pain.  I can tell all the pain is in my large intestine, there’s like an actual outline around my tummy of pain.  The thing is my IBS pain has never been this bad before.  Usually it starts sometime in the early morning hours.  But this time it started at 10pm on Wed.  It was like once I got home from my friends house I was able to finally give into the pain and the cramps started, and still haven’t let up.

I had to get my husband to come home from work early on Thursday it was getting so bad and by Thursday evening it was the absolute worse.  I thought when I woke up on Friday morning that I was feeling better but as I started moving around the nausea started up again and the cramping came back. Blah

I called the 24 hour nurses line but they’re never any help. “I’m sure you just have the stomach flu, eat some toast and drink some gatorade”  Seriously I just wanted to throw the phone across the room.  But what was I expecting?  “Here’s a list of supplements we recommend you take to heal your gut fast, and be sure to stay away from anything irritating to your gut like gluten, dairy and sugar”.  Nope I wouldn’t expect that, which is why I called my chiropractor.  Here’s hoping he can be a bit more helpful.  I just don’t think I can continue on this way any longer without completely medicating and taking vicodin all the live long day.


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