Just say no

hotchocolatemousseSo after getting back my daughter and I went to Whole Foods grocery store to get some healthy food in the house because obviously we came home to an empty house.  Usually we eat lunch there when I take her shopping so it was no big deal, but then I went past the bakery section. Mmmmmm.  I asked the lady if there were any gluten free treats behind the counter.  That was probably my first real mistake, I just shouldn’t have asked at all.

There were no cakey type gluten free treats but there was this delicious looking chocolate mousse in a cute chocolate made mug.  It was called a “hot chocolate” dessert.  So I said YES! We’ll take it! And let me tell you, it was amazing.  But here I was just home from spending a whole week with my family being so super good at not eating any sugar or dairy, and I wound up eating both at the same time upon coming home and at Whole Foods of all places!

I suppose it just shows you that even health food stores can get you at your weakest moments.


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