It feels good to be productive.

I’ve had a great and productive day so far.  Not only did I get to sleep in. (I call that productive!) Once I got up I have been practically non stop in the kitchen. Firstly I needed to make something for dinner, and since I had left over home-made mayo and some chicken pieces from a roasted chicken earlier in the week I thought I’d make some chicken salad.  But then I remembered that I needed to make kombucha so I started boiling some water, whilst making the chicken salad in my food processor. Then I remembered that I had some beef bones defrosting in the fridge that I needed to make broth with so I grabbed those out.  I had no idea what to do though so then I had to go and google it!  So yes this is my first time ever making beef bone broth, I’m a little nervous.

So I popped the bones in the oven (apparently this needs to be done FIRST) went back to chopping celery for my chicken salad and remembered I didn’t do my daughter’s kefir the night before like I usually do so I had to do that! I had thought about using all my extra kefir grains to make water kefir, so I googled that a bit.  Then realized it was just too much for today so I threw them back in some milk and back in the fridge. (the extra ones, the normal ones went back to making kefir, so easy!)

So back to the chicken salad! I finally finished it, but realized I had made it very runny since I was trying to use up the mayo. And also that I had enough to split it between two meals.  So I popped some eggs in some boiling water and finally went to go eat my lunch.  I figured I’ll bulk out the other half of the chicken salad with some eggs, yum yum!

So then since I was already super kitcheny, I decided to make my husbands egg muffins for the work week today before I forget like I did last week (and the week before, oops)  So that resulted in needing to boil some sweet potatoes (in the same water as the eggs, super efficient!) and placing the salami in the muffin pan to form a cup then mixing it all together.  It’s baking in the oven as I type. 🙂

After that I finally bottled up the already brewed kombucha.  I got a couple new bottles for brewing so I’m excited to see how it turns out.  Then I threw in the tea with the scoby, placed it back on the fridge and looked around at how much mess I had just made.  My poor hubby had just cleaned the whole kitchen that morning.  I was going to clean it up, but really, a girls gotta stop somewhere.


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