Halloween postmortem

Ugh.  I did  a stupid, stupid thing last night.  I made the decision that last night I was allowed to eat as much candy as I wanted and then the rest would be taken out the house by my husband to his work.  But I wanted to eat something before I sat down to play the WII with hubby and gorge out on candy, so that I wouldn’t get SICK on the candy.  But since we had nothing cooked up I went with a bowl of Rice Chex cereal with raw milk and bananas.  I thought this was a fun treat as I hadn’t had cereal in ages!  We keep a box of Rice Chex in the house for my daughter who needs a different snack option when she’s in her preschool like setting. And we had the raw milk in the house because I make my daughter kefir every morning.

All that said, ever since I’ve been cutting dairy out of my system back in February I have noticed that when I consume it my IBS tends to flair up.  In fact I never even had IBS problems until February of this year when my whole system went out of whack because I was half in half out of this eating plan.  I of course see now that dairy was causing a heap of other non IBS problems like acne, migraines, inflammation and by taking that out I was able to heal my gut and so now when I eat it I just get bigger attacks. But I digress…

Getting back on topic, So I had this cereal and then had some candy.  Let’s see about 2 mini butterfingers (my fav!) I tried a mini crunch bar but didn’t like it so didn’t finish it, I had my first Reces cup in forever! mmmmm And a couple pieces of hard fruity type candies.  So really not that much for the old 275 lbs of me that could eat a whole bag of the fun sized candies in one sitting. And I’m happy with that, which I think is ok to be happy about.

But then 5am rolls around and I’m in pain.  A pain I haven’t experienced in about  month, a pain that back in February I was experiencing daily and was horrific.  My IBS came back to play. But here’s the thing, did it happen because of the dairy?  I mean I’ve been known to get cheese and sour cream on my salad at Chipotle, with no problems, and I do splurge on the occasional raw cheese we have in the house for the rest of the family, with no problems. I’ve even HAD a bowl of that cheeky Rice Chex cereal completely with raw milk and banana before, with no problems. So I thought it was a safe bet.

Though perhaps a few things were at play here. Firstly I ate the cereal at night.  I’ve also learned through my IBS that eating something late at night can trigger a reaction in the morning.  So perhaps eating the cereal at 8pm without anything else was problematic.  Top all that with eating lots of sugary, seed/vegetable oil type candies and I’m just looking for trouble.

The most amazing thing out of all of this was God’s grace.  Once the pain started I popped my ritual IBS pills, but those don’t usually work.  So I prayed and prayed.  I prayed that God would show me grace and have the medicine work.  I repented for my sins of over eating and not treating my body as the temple it is.  And instead of hours upon hours of cramping and diarrhea  I was able to get back to sleep at 6am and he even had my daughter sleep in until 10am so I was able to catch up on sleep!  God is just so amazing to me when I least deserve it.


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